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What do you do when you have been arrested and charged with a crime in the Bronx? Call criminal and DWI Jason Steinberger.  Bronx criminal and DWI/DUI lawyer Jason Steinberger is the best criminal and DWI/DUI attorney to handle your case because he understands every facet of the criminal justice system. Having served in the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Steinberger knows the legal system form the inside out.


Was a Friend or Family Member Just Arrested? What Should You Do?

Call Jason Steinberger immediately at 646-256-1007.  Mr. Steinberger knows that it is possible within a few short hours to have the District Attorney’s Office dismiss the case without even having to see a judge. He knows that is possible to speak with a prosecutor before you have even been charged in an attempt to have your case dismissed or have certain charges reduced. And on those occasions, we will have you brought before a judge in an expeditiously manner and seek to have you released without bail at your arraignment.

What Happens After Arraignment?

If the judge refuses to dismiss your Bronx criminal or DWI / DUI case on legal grounds at the arraignment level, your case will continue to be prosecuted by the Bronx District Attorney’s Office. It is therefore important to know what type of power and control the Bronx District Attorney’s Office has over your case. After the police makes an arrest in Bronx County, only the Bronx District Attorney’s Office can drop the case, dismiss the charges on non-legal grounds, or move the case forward towards a trial. That’s why having Former Bronx Prosecutor Jason Steinberger will give you best opportunity to negotiate a reduction of the charges or get your case dismissed.

Jason Steinberger knows that the Bronx District Attorney’s office evaluates each case based on its ability to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt is the legal standard upon which the government must prove its case. Jason Steinberger understands that his clients never have to prove their innocence. He understands that providing the best defense means that he must show the Bronx District Attorney’s Office why it cannot prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt or that there are major proof problems affecting its ability to prove its case. When Jason Steinberger demonstrates how weak the government’s case is, he will leverage the best result.

How Many Court Appearances Will I Have to Make?

Each case is different. However, Mr. Steinberger will always strive to have your case resolved as quickly as possible as long as he is sure it is the absolutely best possible resolution. Having a case resolved quickly  depends on the type of case, the amount of evidence that has been gathered by the police vs. the amount of evidence that still needs to be collected, and the availability of the prosecutor prosecuting the case.  From the moment of retention, Jason Steinberger immediately reaches out to the prosecutor so that he can learn what evidence the District Attorney’s Office believes establishes his client’s guilt. Immediately after that conversation, he works on establishing why the prosecutor’s evidence is insufficient to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

How to Choose a Bronx Criminal Lawyer or a DWI/DUI Lawyer

There three things you should do to choose a criminal or DWI/DUI lawyer in the Bronx:

  1. Speak with the lawyer yourself.
  2. Look at his experience. Does the lawyer actually practice in the Bronx? Does he have an office in the Bronx? Has he ever been a former Bronx Prosecutor?
  3. Does he want to achieve your goals? Will the lawyer seek to get your Bronx criminal or DWI/DUI case dismissed or is he/she simply interested in getting you to take the quickest plea?

As a Former Bronx Prosecutor, Jason Steinberger has the experience, in and out of court, to provide the most aggressive defense and he will seek to get you the best possible resolution. Call now 646-256-1007.

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