Finding the Best DUI Attorney in New York

Upon initially searching for a lawyer to represent you for your DUI charge, it may seem that any attorney will do. However, this is not the case, and a decision should not be made hastily. Due to political pressure and an increasing social stigma, a DUI charge is taken very seriously in New York courts and it could result in possible jail time, along with the suspension of your driver’s license along with heavy fines. This is especially true if you have been previously convicted of a DUI. Additionally, a DUI conviction can make it difficult to acquire security clearance (for a job or otherwise), obtain a professional license, and travel out of the country.

For this reason, it is very important which DUI attorney you choose to represent you. Legal jargon is difficult to interpret and requires an experienced professional to interpret the laws properly, ensuring that every option is understood, and the best one chosen. Additionally, laws frequently change, so it is important to hire an attorney that is up-to-date with the current details of the legal code.

How to Find Your Best Option

Because of the importance of finding a good attorney, you should do some thorough research on your options. If you have not already done so, consider asking your friends or relatives if they have any experience with local DUI attorneys. A personal referral from someone you trust that has first-hand experience can be an invaluable resource.

However, if you do not have such a resource, there is plenty of information available online that could be of service to you. The Internet is a valuable tool, not only because of its depth of information, but also because there are resources that provide clients’ ratings of experiences with lawyers. Be certain that the resource you are using is a valid, legitimate guide. For example, the AVVO database allows people to search for lawyers based on location of practice and specific area of expertise. You can find lawyers that can help in any area of New York, including the Bronx.

Be Specific

It should be noted that it is important to search for attorneys who work specifically with DUI cases, as these attorneys will be much more familiar with the particular, current details of DUI laws. When considering your options for a DUI attorney, make sure to note not only client reviews but how many years of service the lawyer has, and if his or her service has mostly been in the state in which you have been charged. Additionally, it is worthwhile to call potential DUI lawyers to assess if you are comfortable working with them.

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