Stages of a Bronx County Criminal Case

When Does a Criminal Case Begin?

A criminal case in Bronx County begins when there is contact between you and the Bronx police officers from the New York City Police Department. Contact by Bronx police officers can occur in a number of different ways. Police contact may occur when a police officer contacts you by phone, goes to your house with or without an arrest warrant, during a street stop or car stop, or shortly after someone accuses you of committing a crime.

What Should I Do If I Have Been Contacted by Police?

Immediately contact an attorney. There are few situations where you can positively resolve being wanted by the police without an attorney.  When you or a loved one has been contacted by police, the most dangerous thing you can assume is why you are being contacted. While you may have some vague notion about why you’re being contacted, it never wise to assume. Contacting the police on your own may potentially lead to you making a statement that may later hurt you. Contacting an attorney immediately after being contacted by a police officer or detective allows you to determine the scope of police interest without making any direct contact yourself. Many times, the police have little evidence to prove that you have committed a crime. In situations like these, the police will question you with the hope that you will make an incriminating statement. Because police are allowed to use trickery and deceit to elicit a statement from you, hire a lawyer to handle the situation the right way. Call Jason Steinberger now at 646-256-1007 and learn how it may be possible to end an investigation without even being arrested.

What Happens After You Have Been Arrested in the Bronx?

After you have been arrested, you will be placed in handcuffs and brought to a police precinct. In all cases, regardless of whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you will have your fingerprints and an arrest photo taken.

What Happens if I Have Been Charged with a Misdemeanor?

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor in the Bronx, you will either be given a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) or you will be put through the Bronx Central Booking process. If you have been given a DAT, you will be given a sheet of paper containing your arrest charge and the return date for you to go to court for arraignment. If you were not eligible for a DAT, you will be brought to Bronx Central Booking located at 215 East 161 Street for arraignment before a Bronx Criminal Court judge.

What Happens if I Have Been Charged with a Felony?

If you have been charged with felony charges in Nassau County, you will most likely not be eligible for a DAT unless the highest charge is only a class E Felony. If you are given a DAT, you will be allowed to leave the precinct after the fingerprinting and arrest photo process and return to face arraignment on another day. If you are charged with a class D felony or higher, you will be brought to Bronx Central Booking located at 215 East 161 Street for arraignment before a Bronx Criminal Court judge.

What is an Arraignment?

An arraignment in Bronx County means that you will be formally charged by the Bronx District Attorney’s Office. At the arraignment, you will appear with your lawyer before a Criminal Court judge with your lawyer. There are two important aspects of the arraignment. First, you will be advised of all of the criminal charges pending against you. Second, there will be a bail hearing. A bail hearing means the court will consider the risk of having you released on your own recognizance. At the bail hearing, the District Attorney will argue why bail should be set. Jason Steinberger has argued thousands of bail applications and knows exactly what the court needs to hear to get you or your loved one released without any bail. Call now 646-256-1007.


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