Domestic Violence

Bronx Criminal Defense Lawyer Jason Steinberger handles all Bronx Domestic Violence Cases

Do I need a Bronx County Criminal Defense Attorney to represent me in my Bronx County Criminal Domestic Violence Case?  You always need to be represented by a criminal defense attorney in any criminal case and it is always best to hire a lawyer that is very familiar with the jurisdiction where the case is pending. In Bronx County, domestic violence cases are handled in a very unique way and having a lawyer who understands this will help you get the best result. Having former Bronx Prosecutor Jason Steinberger represent you, you will have a Bronx Criminal Defense Attorney who knows exactly how best to handle your case.

What is a Bronx Domestic Violence Case? A Bronx Domestic violence case is a criminal case that is initiated upon a complaint of criminal conduct committed by an individual against another who is currently in or was formerly in a domestic relationship.

What is a Domestic Relationship in a Bronx County Domestic Violence Case?  A Bronx County Domestic Violence case may exist between a husband and wife, common-law husband and wife, individuals who have an intimate relationship, or individuals who were formerly married or formerly involved in an intimate relationship. In may sound odd, but an intimate relationship may even exist between family members. This means that if you or a loved one is accused of committing a crime against a brother, sister, mother, father or grandparent, the case may be classified as a Bronx Domestic Violence case.

Are Domestic Violence charges the same as Domestic Assault Charges?  Sometimes. A Bronx Domestic Violence case means that an individual committed any crime against someone who is in an intimate relationship or formerly in an intimate relationship. Assault charges are the most common type of Bronx Domestic Violence charges but frequently people are arrested for other crimes such as criminal mischief, menacing, and harassment.

What happens if the complaining witness wants to drop charges? Will the case be dismissed? Not always. It is important to remember that like any other criminal case, Domestic Violence cases in Bronx County are prosecuted by the Bronx County District Attorney’s Office. The complaining witness cannot prosecute or hire an attorney on his/her behalf to prosecute the against you or your loved one.  Because the complaining witness cannot prosecute the case, the complaining witness is not in charge of the case or what happens with the case. It is important to know that the complaining witness in a Bronx Domestic Violence case is simply just a witness. And like any other criminal case, if a witness, even the most important witness, decides not to cooperate, the District Attorney can move forward using other evidence. When the Bronx District Attorney moves a case towards trial in a Bronx Domestic Violence case, this is called an Evidence Based Domestic Violence Prosecution.

What is an Evidence Based Domestic Violence Prosecution?  An evidence based prosecution for Bronx domestic violence charges is one where the District Attorney uses evidence that comes from someone other than the complaining witness.  The most common types of evidence that are introduced during an Evidence Based Bronx Domestic Violence trial for domestic violence charges are 911 calls, photographs, medical records, and a police testimony. The more evidence a prosecutor has that supports the allegations that you or a loved one committed a Bronx Domestic Violence crime, the less likely that the prosecutor will agree to dismiss the charges.


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