Reasons to Fight Your DUI Conviction in New York

When those who are faced with results from field sobriety testing, chemical testing, and other types of evidence realize the impact of their choices and the long-term consequences they are facing, drivers accused of DWI may often believe that they will always be convicted. However, the reality is that many DWI cases may be won in New York, and it starts with contacting a professional defense lawyer for assistance.

Someone who is facing a DUI conviction in New York should fight the case, because those who fail to do so and plead no contest or guilty will always be found guilty. When you work with a DWI lawyer, there is always a greater chance that you will be able to avoid the consequences resulting from a DUI conviction. Alternatively, those who immediately plead guilty and toss themselves at New York judicial system’s mercy will always be facing a conviction.

Jury trials will end with one of the three following outcomes: all 12 jurors agree on your innocence, the entire jury completely agrees that you are guilty, or some jurors cast their votes in either direction. If the jury cannot come to an agreement, your trial will end in a “hung jury,” which most often results in the dismissal of criminal charges in New York. In other words, only one of the jurors must believe that a defendant is not guilty in order to win your DWI case. Your only other option is to enter a guilty plea to a DUI and hope that the court will show you mercy; this is often enough of a reason to fight your conviction.

Those in New York who have been convicted with their first DWI offense may have other reasons to fight their cases. Each individual who is accused of a DWI for the first time often promises that he or she will never drive under the influence again. However, drivers who are charged a second time have been known to wish that they would have fought the first conviction to ensure that he or she will never have to face the severity of a second-offense conviction. In New York, a conviction of a second DWI in 10 years results in four years of jail time and revocation of the driver’s license for 18 months, compared to 12 months in jail and suspension for your license for one year for first-time motorists who are charged with a DWI.

If you have found yourself placed under arrest for driving under the influence in New York, understand that such charges are not just expensive and serious, they can be extremely upsetting, stressful and sometimes humiliating. You may be anxious or stressed when you think about the outcome of your job, driver’s license, your vehicle and the effect that such a conviction will have on your criminal record. You only have a short period of time following the date on which you were arrested to fight to maintain the safety of your record and license. A defense attorney can make the best use of this time to protect your legal rights.

One of the most important reasons that you should consider fighting your DUI/DWI case in New York is that it is your constitutional right to defend yourself. Each motorist has the legal opportunity have his or her case decided by the jury of his or he peers, so why consider surrendering before your battle even starts? Motorists who have been convicted of driving while intoxicated or while under the influence of drugs should consider seeking legal counsel from an experienced defense attorney in New York to learn more about their rights and to defend themselves against the charges of which they have been convicted.

Jason Steinberger Can Protect Your Legal Rights

Motorists who have been arrested for DWI/DUI in New York may find themselves facing a complex and challenging legal system. While some drivers are rightfully convicted and punished for their offenses accordingly, others are wrongfully accused due to less-than-ideal tactics by law enforcement and other officials. Contact me, Jason Steinberger, today by calling (718) 585-2833 to learn more about how I can protect your legal rights.